be a man
- appropriation & archives 

A phrase “Be a man” is usually associated with the stereotype of men being tough and not showing their vulnerability. As the society progresses, there are much more nuanced and inclusive models of men and masculinity, but that is not reflected on mainstream media, especially magazine. The project title “Be a man” is more like a question that does a man need to meet certain kinds of expectation, especially in terms of their look and their physical action, to be considered a man.
In this project, I use Men’s Health cover to show how masculinity is portrayed and interpreted nowadays. By cropping the photos, zooming in the common “masculine” body parts (biceps, muscles, aggressive face,..) and actions (fighting with each other, hugging another unclothed woman,..) and rotating them, I want to illustrate how ridiculous and old-fashioned of these kind of magazines in defining masculinity.